Redward Associates provides independent research with a focus on strategy and risk analysis in foreign exchange, fixed income and commodity markets.

We are a boutique research specialist in macro strategy in the Asia-Pacific region.

Founded by Peter Redward in 2011, a seasoned economist and foreign exchange strategist with 20+ years experience, the team produces a range of proprietary analysis and reports aimed to provide our clients with well-reasoned views balancing quantitative modelling and qualitative judgement. Our fundamental approach looks to understand the underlying economic outlook and likely implications on financial markets, which then forms the basis of our trade ideas. 




Foreign Exchange

Complexities in currency markets are closely examined under our macro-fundamental approach.

Fixed Income

Our analytical framework highlights mis-pricing in fixed income markets and opportune trading strategies.


A thorough understanding of supply-demand dynamics drives our outlook for commodity markets.

Client Testimonials

Apart from top quality FX analysis and trade ideas, Peter produces some of the best macro-economic analysis available.

With extensive experience on both the sell side as well as an independent consultant, Peter is among the most closely followed FX/rates analysts in the Asian region.


Unique insights. Short pithy, valuable notes.