Company Profile

Redward Associates (RA) was founded in 2011 to provide independent research to wholesale market investors, with a focus on macroeconomics, money markets and foreign exchange strategy in the Asia-Pacific region in conjunction with research on several commodity markets including gold, iron ore and dairy.

Based on a macro-fundamental approach, RA pays particular attention to granular data analysis and augments its views through a range of bespoke indices and models. It then uses these, and judgement, to derive likely financial market implications.

This framework is driven by the underlying view that policymaker action is largely endogenous and reactive to economic data and the underlying political and economic environment.

RA’s suite of research products include regular commentary of key market developments, specialised reports on commodity market dynamics, and consolidated presentation slide packs which present an overview of domestic and external market drivers. RA also produces custom analysis and reports, including work on emerging market currencies, industry analysis, and private equity due diligence.

Since inception, RA’s unique research offering has been highly regarded by a range of top-tier global banks, hedge funds, asset managers, and sovereign wealth funds located in key international financial centres. In order to maintain independence, RA operates on a subscription model and the license to RA’s research services are unbundled from the provision of transactional services and free of agent commission.

Redward Associates is a registered financial service provider under the New Zealand Companies Office (FSP179804). We are licensed to provide wholesale and/or generic financial advisor services to “wholesale clients” within the meaning of the Financial Advisers Act 2008 (New Zealand), and our research is not intended to constitute a personalised service.



Model Portfolio Performance:

We have maintained a model portfolio since January 2012 as a means of tracking our calls on the market. Since inception, our cumulative total return is 44.7% (5.7% annualised), essentially on an unlevered basis (average leverage ratio of 1.17:1) with low volatility (Sharpe Ratio of 0.81). On a year-to-date basis, we are up 7.9% on a leverage ratio of 1.3:1.

Last updated: 30 August 2018